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We are Bridge Education, we are driven towards passion, quality, involvement and accomplishment.

Let us tell you about us in less than 60 seconds

We are a team of experts

With 25+ years of experience our team of experts treats our client's concerns as our own.

We base our vision on values we believe will set us apart.

We present a better learning experience for schools

We attempt to accelerate and improve the shift to digital learning.

Our main focus is providing an enhanced learning experience, by presenting technological products and services for schools.

We believe in every involved personnel in the educational lifecycle

To be able to provide a better learning experience, we supply comprehensive services for students, educational and administrative committees, as well as parents. Thus, simplifying communication and providing accurate, significant, and organized data for better results.

Inspired by innovation

Innovation is one of the main reasons allowing to reach maximum student potential. We are passionate about it and firmly believe that as long as innovation thrives the educational system will flourish.

Fueled by global best practices

We rely on decades of research, standards and global best practices to try to deliver the best experience possible. To help pave the path to success, we also study real evidence of what has worked and what hasn't.

Latest trends and issues

In order to optimize our system, we stay up to date, keeping track of the latest trends and issues.

We envision Bridge Education as a company offering a partnership outreach, realizing oneself as a value to the schooling community, prospering while contributing to the children’s wellbeing. We've built a long-standing relationship with schools based on trust.

— Dr. Ahmad Misto, Bridge Education Founder and CEO

The pillars of our mission

Bridge Education's mission is to help schools achieve a new level of teaching experience stressing the following 3 pillars.


Stimulating learning environments

For students to mature intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially becoming competent citizens, the learning environment should allow for the following:

  • Invoke curiosity in real-life issues
  • Identifying and resolving problems
  • Foster creativity and enhance productivity
  • Encourage flexibility, collaboration and communication
  • Promote patience, persistence, and affirm achievement
  • Encompass wellbeing and extend community service

Use of modern technologies

Guiding the use of technology for administrative,financial and instructional processes to accelerate the shift to digital learning:

  • Emphasized use of productivity tools, programming and student portfolios
  • Smart devices for students and internet access across campus
  • Online homework submission
  • Online grade posting
  • Online classes reinforcing classroom learning
  • Students actively participate in lesson development, differentiating learning, virtual trips, immersed experiences
  • Students are well connected and collaborate properly
  • Books, agenda, notes, assessments are digitized
  • Teacher professional development, lesson Preparation, reporting, collaboration, parent involvement
  • Data collaborated decisions for student, school performance, curricula

Guidance and development

We provide professional services to help develop the educational system and guide all personnel to achieve successful integration:

  • Manage Learning – Values, Wellbeing, Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Improvement
  • Manage Outlook – Aims, Vision, Objectives, Policy, supportive relations
  • Manage People – Recruit, Develop, Plan, Allocate, Reward, TEAM
  • Manage Resources – Source, Allocate, Control, Monitor, Safety