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We have provided several services and products ranging from infrastructure, to curriculum, to SRP, to special mobile applications, to digital class using 2in1 educational smart device for more than 25+ years by keeping up with the latest Trends & Issues in Education.

We also deliver learning and teaching materials from the world's renowned publishers like HMH, McGraw-Hill, Benchmark, Sadlier and many others.

Learning Environment Setup & Development
Classroom References & Materials Transform your classroom into a learning environment that meets curriculum Textbooks Engage your students in active learning with new and pre-owned textbooks Digital Content Engage students with interactive books, eBooks, immersive, and more Makerspace & Simulations Engage students in STEM creativity and exploration Library Books Build your print and digital collection Early Learning Encourage young learners to exceed their potential
Modern Software Products
Library & Media Promote discovery and learning Resource Management System Organize and create accountability Student Information System Manage student data, streamline planning and empower reporting Learning Management System Manage administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of sutdent courseware and teacher training Virtual Bookstore Have a complete ecommerce and material adoption solution

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Consultancy & Development
Professional Development On-going training courses, workshops and seminars Consulting services Develop policies and planning tools that foster quality learning, best-practices and enhanced student life experience School Accreditation Institution examinations including leadership, administration systems, teaching and learning

Our Products

School Resource Planning

School Information System (SIS)

Our School Information System (SIS) is an excellent managerial tool, which can be tailored to fit each school‘s specific requirements to support the day to day school operations.


  • System Parameters
  • Security Module
  • Registration Module
  • Grading Module
  • Absence and Tardy
  • Behavior and Rewards
  • Human Resources Module
  • Library Module
  • Health Module
  • Principal Module
  • Notification System

Time Table System

Our Time Table Scheduling (TTS) is a reliable tool which takes timetable creation to a higher level. With our TTS automated features such us creating, planning, and controlling classes, scheduling has never been better. TTS is teacher’s perfect tool to eliminate conflicting hours of meetings or classes, wrong room numbers or buildings, and less pressure for a healthier teaching environment.

Web Portal

The school will be provided with many school websites templates to pick the most suitable one. This website allows publishing, exchanging information and services.

This school website can be linked to the SIS allowing the parents to access information about their children safely.

SIS Financial System

This financial package is specially designed for schools (single or Multi-organization). It consists mainly of General accounting, Payroll, Fixed Assists and Stock. It provides the accounting department with lots of statistical reports and reduces significantly the number of manual entries.


  • Financial main reports
  • General Ledger
  • Payroll System
  • Inventory System
  • Fixed Assets

Mobile Applications

Mobile Application for Parents

Parents will be notified of:

  • Daily Quizzes and Monthly Exams
  • Due and Over-Due Payments
  • Discipline
  • Grades
  • Health incidents
  • Messages
  • School Events
  • School Announcements
  • Transportation

SpringBuds Mobile Application

It is a mobile application designed for parents who have children in nurseries & KGs. It acts as a dedicated social networking solution which helps connect parents with an easy to use and attractive tool.

Teachers will use preconfigured 2in1 Devices provided FREE.

Our Digital Solution

It is a unique digital solution based on providing 2in1 educational smart devices for students that are customized by us to be more school oriented using our LMS secured platform.

2in1 educational smart device will feature an Integrated LMS
The on Board LMS has the following main features:

  • Classroom Monitoring
  • Apps integration
  • Learning Management
  • Assessments
  • Plagiarism Detector
  • Secure Browsing
  • Parent Communications